Sunday, September 29, 2013

Afrika Park African tourism

You may visit Africa Park during your stay at the Grand Pyramids hotel.

Open Forest «Afrika Park» .. African tourism borrow in the arms of the Egyptian desert.
 Africa is located in 68 km on the Cairo Alexandria Desert Road.
Log Afrika drive that most Stlazemha trip simply because you'll find yourself like you went to the jungles of Africa, the black nature charming and Bdaúatha, and predators around everywhere, so officials develop guidelines to ensure you have fun and enjoy all the organisms that live in the forest. The entry cost 200 pounds per car irrespective of the number of individuals, including the amount and the journey safari river and enter the cave and enjoy the open restaurant, as you can bring Snartk to the practice of hunting where the river live in different types of fish
Afrika Park unique that it allows you to manipulate and play with the animals up close, as well as souvenir you can take pictures with it however you like.

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