Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hotel reservations for New Year

The most important of the hotel booking site, which enjoys, To be able to spend New Year's Eve on your approach Must possess the ability in the ease of movement to move to the most famous places .

I can now view the hotel enjoyed plenty of these places

Grand Pyramids Hotel

Location53, Studio Misr Road - Mariottia, Gîza, Al Jizah, Egypt

Grand Pyramids Hotel is located on the Mariotteya area. Such special location is offering to the Hotel's Guests in-house a short way to the unforgettable sightseeing’ of the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx or Sakkara, meanwhile only 30minutes from Cairo's city center and 40 km from the Cairo international airport.

Within sight of the Pyramids, the last remaining wonder of the Ancient World, Grand Pyramids Hotel gives you the chance to rest in comfort before setting out to explore the historic sites and ancient monuments that lie within easy reach.
The remnants still remaining of the mighty and legendary past civilization of Egypt will fill you full of wonder. Fascinating glimpses back into history will give you memories to savour forever. As well as the Sphinx and the awe-inspiring Pyramids themselves, within 20 minutes you can be in Sakkara and Old Memphis to view the origins of the mighty Pyramids.
Alternatively, just 7 km away lies the world famous Egyptian Museum with its 

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Happy New Year


Chase Howard said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I have a friend who went to Egypt and had nothing but great things to say about it. I am considering finding some hotel reservations there to experience it for myself.

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